On June 13, 2019, the Restaura Ríos 2019 Congress was held in Murcia. The civil engineer Amal Nnechachi made the presentation "Biodiversity and perspectives to the restoration of Monelos river basin (A Coruña, Galicia)".

Amal presented a study on the habitats and biodiversity of the Monelos river and its tributaries, its historical evolution, its current situation and its possible future scenario. The presentation ended with 5 final ideas, the current state of the river that is partially channelled in A Coruña, except in its headwaters. With the aim of carrying out a study of its conditions before, during and after the channelling. The intention of working to know the 6 habitats of community interest, one of them a priority. To highlight the more than 620 species that inhabit the river basin, 87 of them in an unfavourable state of conservation. And finally, the possible rehabilitation at basin level, which could be beneficial for the fauna and flora.

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