"Near the Marineda City shopping center is one of the few places where the Monelos River is still a river or at least a stream.

The remains of this flow were formed by different water courses: "The main one starts in the parish of Feáns, in the place of Castiñeira, and continues to Mesoiro. In order to bridge the gap, it formed, very close to where the Ikea ship is now located, a small waterfall that served to move the wheels of a fulling mill or sledgehammer that gave its name to the next of the neighbourhoods it crossed. From here, the river is already underground, and crosses the Avenida de Alfonso Molina to Ponte da Pedra, where it joins other watercourses".

The other important branch, known as the Monelos River, starts in Pastoriza (Arteixo), is interrupted by the Meicende dam and crosses the A Grela industrial estate underground to emerge near San Cristovo das Viñas, between the estate and the railway tracks".

Full article by La Voz de Galicia (Spanish).

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