Manuel Rodilla on "Calle de la Alcantarilla":

For me it is definitive the document I found the other day in which Cort titles the street above the river: "La calle de la Alcantarilla". It defines perfectly what was the concept of that stretch of the river in 1942. Why "sewer" there and not up there? Because the river from the road to Monelos, upstream, was not contaminated with fecal water but from there downstream it was, because after that widening of Marín, at the exit of Chile Street in the 40's (and few) already discharges everything from the sewer system in free fall to the river.

The sewage system built in Monelos in Santa María de Oza in the year 10, which was a section of open canals, discharged fecal water directly into the river. Therefore, from the Monelos Bridge downwards it was absolute pollution, and upwards it was not. First because there was no urban pressure of any kind. And only in the years 45, 46, 47 or 48, that salted fish factory called Salgueiro that was at the edge of the agricultural farm began to pour into a tributary of the river, where the river is polluted. And it continues with this contamination until a few years ago.

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