The Monelos river is also known along its course as Beneirón river, Campos river or Mesoiro river. The river rises and flows into the municipality of A Coruña and is buried for most of its journey, channeled under the floor of the streets of the city.

The river Monelos is born in the parish of San Vicenzo de Elviña, in the place of Castiñeiras, near the municipal limit between A Coruña and Arteixo. From there it descends to Feáns, receiving during this route the name of rego de Beneirón. Then it continues until Mesoiro, being called "rego de Campos". From Mesoiro it is known as river Mesoiro and continues its journey parallel to the Pocomaco industrial estate, suffering two small partial channelling during this stretch (in the Mesoiro crossing and around an access road to Pocomaco). From the main road of the aforementioned polygon is already fully channeled underground to the port of San Diego, in the port of A Coruña, where it flows. During the underground course, the river passes the districts of Martinete, Someso, O Birloque, Polígono de Elviña, Monelos, A Cubela and A Gaiteira. In the last stretch it receives the name of Monelos river.

MonRiveR is a research project to define the possible restoration methodologies of the Monelos river and the enhancement of its natural course in an urban environment. Throughout the weeks in this space you will be able to find information about the project, information about the history of the river, the city of A Coruña, the municipalities where the river ran, socio-cultural data related to Monelos, as well as other curious data about restoration and recovery of rivers.

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