Between February 2 and 6, the urban art mural of the project "Cultural river restoration of the Monelos river: diffusion and valorization of the Monelos river through urban art open to society" was made.

The artistic work was directed by the urban art workshop "Vella Escola", in rúa Montes, in front of the IES Monelos. This mural aims to represent the Monelos River and its relationship with the city, taking into account its past, present and future. In this creative process, materials and paintings that respect the environment were used, and in a special way, a photocatalytic painting was used, which contributes to the reduction of the environmental pollution and the decrease of polluting and harmful substances for the health, transforming them into simpler and innocuous elements, improving in this way the purity of the air.

One of the main objectives of the project is to raise public awareness of the historical trajectory of the river and its role as an ecosystem service. Therefore, in addition to the participation of the students of IES Monelos, any other entity or person was invited to collaborate in the finishing of the mural. This mural is a first action that intends to continue with new and diverse graffiti on sidewalks, squares and facades of places where the river used to flow, and where it is buried today. Throughout 2020 different spaces will be identified that for some historical, social or cultural reason are relevant and can help to visualize the presence of the Monelos River, even if it is in a graphic way.

These actions are part of the Monelos River Revival project ( MonRiver), promoted by cartoLAB (Cartographic Engineering Laboratory) at the School of Civil Engineering of the University of A Coruña. This research, as a line of work for a doctoral thesis in progress, will define the methodologies needed to propose an integral recovery of the Monelos River Revival basin. This project is subsidized by the Alcoa Foundation and by the area of Culture of the UDC, through its participative budgets.

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